The Expecting Father

It is okay to be scared.

Congratulations! You’re officially a father, your beautiful wife is pregnant and in a few months you’ll have a new baby in your life. But you’re not a Dad just yet. That title has to be earned. In order for you to properly understand my first piece of advice let me relate to you my experience.

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Communications of the future

How do I get an interstellar phone number anyways?

I’ve been pondering this for quite some time and, since I’m trying to do as little hand waving as possible in my science fiction story, it is really bothering me. How exactly does someone actually connect to another person over interstellar distances when they don’t know where they are? Or even if they do? Continue reading “Communications of the future”

Lems Shoes vs Flintstone Feet

My review of Lem’s shoes.

I recently received an email from Lems Shoes asking me how I have been enjoying the shoes I purchased recently. If you aren’t familiar, please check out their site Lems Shoes and see for yourself.

Boy oh boy, where do I start!

Simply saying I love them really doesn’t give an accurate impression of what finding these shoes means to me. When John Q Public says he loves some pair of shoes, everybody can be like “well good for him, he likes them, that’s nice dear”, but for me it is different. Continue reading “Lems Shoes vs Flintstone Feet”