Imagination Time?

Roll for initiative. I have a quest to find a tabletop game compatible with my family values.

So I’ve been struggling with this idea in my head that I’ve had for a long time. I’ve wanted to have a family role-playing game that I can share with my children. For most others, this question is simple to solve, grab your nearest D&D manual and some dice from the comic store, sit down and make some elves and gnomes and orcs as PCs, then grab a campaign book and you’re good to go. However, therein lies a problem for me. A big problem.

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Muses and Failure

Where does creativity come from anyways?

Today we seem to make an intrinsic connection between a person and their creative output. For example, an author is hailed as a creative genius when they complete an epic or trilogy. The creativity was internal to that person, it was they themselves that created the thing. Which is the case. They put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and hammered out the words.

The question I put to you is where did the idea come from. Where do all good ideas come from? In a movie I find dear to me, one of the characters who is an author suffering from writer’s block suddenly has a breakthrough. Another character asks how she came to this final detail of her masterpiece, and she said “it came to me.” Another character questioned how, and she replied something to the effect of “like all good ideas, it came to me suddenly and without method.” That may or may not be the exact wording, but the point is clear nonetheless.

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Caffeine: The Double-Espresso Standard

Caffeine comes in many forms.

Brass tacks: let’s all face it, caffeine is a drug. It is legal, but it functions in your body in the same way as a drug. The half-life averages five hours. But the hit only lasts around two. Afterward, the body has processed almost half of it and the effect is tapering off and quickly leaves the “useful” level zone in your metabolism. So the boost from your 8 am zip juice doesn’t last until lunch. So even though the caffeine is still in your system for the next 3 hours you need another hit.

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Acceptance and Approval

Can I love someone who does things I disagree with?

Let us suppose that someone you know has made life choices you do not agree with. They’ve chosen to go barefoot all year long. You disagree with this choice. You think it is wrong, dangerous, and goes against all you’ve been taught to think about caring for your feet. What are you to do? What can you do? It isn’t proper to tell someone else how to live their life. Neither is it proper to condemn a person because they made choices different than yours.

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