You Wear Clothes Too

Do the Laundry

Okay aspiring new dad, let’s talk about a dirty topic. Laundry. Unless you live in a naturist community, in which case this will all apply to your linens and towels only I guess, then you wear clothes. Maybe up to now you and your wife shared laundry duty, or maybe she carried that load herself. (Pun intended) But now you are bringing a new baby home from the hospital and hopefully by this point you’ve discussed your fears about the future with your lovely wife, and you’ve changed 20-40 diapers so far.

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The Diaper Problem

Change the diapers, like all of them.

Let’s talk shop, baby shop. If you really want to be Dad, then you need to get yourself ready for some extra duties. Gentlemen I’m talking about diapers. We’ve all seen the Hollywood movie dad who goes full haz-mat gear to change a diaper, but let me stop you right there. Hollywood knows basically zilch about how the real world actually works.

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The Expecting Father

It is okay to be scared.

Congratulations! You’re officially a father, your beautiful wife is pregnant and in a few months you’ll have a new baby in your life. But you’re not a Dad just yet. That title has to be earned. In order for you to properly understand my first piece of advice let me relate to you my experience.

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