I Love Google. I Hate Google.

Turns out Google has been evil the whole time and we just didn’t notice until now.

Oh Google, you’re like that toxic friend who accidentally breaks your stuff on a regular basis, but lets you use his cabin down by the lake.  Except now, you randomly take appliances out of the cabin or shut off the electricity.  Not to mention that one box where we’re supposed to put our coats that we can never get them back out of.  What’s up with that?

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Lems Shoes vs Flintstone Feet

My review of Lem’s shoes.

I recently received an email from Lems Shoes asking me how I have been enjoying the shoes I purchased recently. If you aren’t familiar, please check out their site Lems Shoes and see for yourself.

Boy oh boy, where do I start!

Simply saying I love them really doesn’t give an accurate impression of what finding these shoes means to me. When John Q Public says he loves some pair of shoes, everybody can be like “well good for him, he likes them, that’s nice dear”, but for me it is different. Continue reading “Lems Shoes vs Flintstone Feet”