A Quiet Place

A whisper is better than a shout.

Picture the man. He is in his comfy chair in the living room, it’s Friday after work. There’s a pestilence on outside. Chores need catching up on. That child of yours though is aimlessly footling about the house. You know, being a kid. However, the time has come for their next chore. The man in his comfy chair raises his voice enough to be heard in the next room, “Billy! Take the trash out.”

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Stop It!

If you want someone to stop something, they need to know what that something is.

In writing we are told that the active voice is preferred. In education we are given both the syllabus and the rubric for our work. In employment we have our job description. In spirituality we have our doctrines. All of these things have something in common. They all tell us what is expected of us. Being a parent means doing the same thing. Yet when that isn’t happening or some negative behavior crops up a father will tell his children to “stop it”.

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Tickets to The Gun Show

Time to Dad-Up, and get a proper gun safe for your guns.

A man carefully opens the glass cabinet and pulls down a display case. This one has a long and storied history. It is one of the most prized in his collection. So valuable, because it was the first of it’s kind only 1100 were made. Of those only 100 for civilian use. Originally designed in 1846. When he looks upon it he sees the amazing ingenuity of a Texas Ranger combined with an American Inventor. It is his very own Colt Walker … replica. (He isn’t a millionaire after all) Right next it sits a box of 44 caliber lead shot and powder.

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Fears need validation before reassurance.

A child can be afraid of many things for many reasons. If your ‘dad card’ is in your wallet you will know that fear needs to be validated. Even if it is a fear of the package of toilet paper you just got out of the hall closet. The common refrain is “there is nothing to be scared of.” From the child’s perspective that isn’t very helpful, especially when it is reassurance and validation they are searching for.

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Snuggle Break

Snuggle like your life depends upon it. Because it does.

So your sitting in your chair minding your own business occupied paying bills and balancing the family budget, and your littlest bundle comes and starts to squeeze through that gap between your arm, leg, and table. You, of course, ask them what they are doing and they say “Climbing up here, will you snuggle me?” they ask as they arrive in your lap and push their little body in between you and the important task in front of you. Here is the moment of truth, your dadhood is on the line. What do you do?

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