Not-A-Stegasaurus Found in Chile

New dinosaur discovered in Chile reinforces how little we know about the prehistoric world.

Knowing so little about dinosaurs puts paleontologists at a disadvantage, but with advances in science their work has been getting easier. Some of those new techniques were employed to redesignate a dinosaur whose fossilized remains were found in Chile.

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Babies and Bathwater. Which to Throw Out?

Space junk postpones a repair to the ISS, but is there a bigger problem?

The ‘babies’ are of course two astronauts, Tom Marshburn (61) and Kayla Barron (34), who had to delay a spacewalk to replace a damaged antenna on the International Space Station. They were originally scheduled for Tuesday, November 30th but had to wait until Thursday, December 2nd. The delay was the first of its kind, but not one that humanity should be very proud of. Dangerous space junk, which could puncture the astronaut’s suits, menaced the mission forcing a halt. Dirty bathwater indeed.

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Old Movie Review: Shrek (2001)

Misery doesn’t love company because things aren’t always what they seem. Deus ex dragon.

Side note: this particular review structure is borrowed from The Cereal Show, a podcast made by some friends of mine you should definitely check out.

“Misery doesn’t love company because things aren’t always what they seem. Deus ex dragon.”

(my tagline)
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Jehovah’s Witnesses Move Annual Convention Online

Jehovah’s Witnesses unite globally to stream the 2020 Convention “Always Rejoice!”

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jehovah’s Witnesses globally have moved their large annual conventions online. Across the globe, in hundreds of languages simultaneously, Jehovah’s Witnesses will be attending the program virtually.

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Oh Walmart

Limiting human interaction is bad for your mental health, wearing masks a good for your physical health.

Sometimes you do things that are really dumb and then you redeem yourself with something incredibly smart.

Last month Walmart announced it was going to remove all cashiers from its Fayetteville store #359 as a test. Now this month they are going to require all patrons to wear facemasks before entering the store.

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