Back to the Pits

Whatever happened to America’s favorite dog?

Lets talk about America’s Dog. What? “America’s Dog”? Yes, beginning in the 1900’s the Pit Bull was the mascot of America. It was prized for it loyalty and friendliness. You could find pit bulls emblazoned everywhere, even to sell war bonds. Let’s list some famous ones. “Sergeant Stubby” the most decorated dog in WWI, guess what. Pit bull. “Nipper” the cute dog from the RCA advertisements. Pit bull. How about “Petey” from the Little Rascals. Pit bull. “Chance” from Homeward Bound. Pit bull.

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Reimagine The Internet

Could we go back and make the internet better?

What if we could go back in time with what we know now and sway the crucial decisions that made the internet what it is today?

I’m sure these memories will all be clouded by what I know now, but let’s just take a journey inside my head if not in history. Once upon a time, somewhere between BBS and RSS, when we all first were beginning to connect to the nascent internet we decided that we wanted everything to be free. “Wasn’t the internet created for the free exchange of ideas between academics?” we said.

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Canine Racism

If it’s wrong to judge a human by the way they look, why is it okay to judge a dog?

Yes, I know full well that calling something racism is an extreme thing to do, but hear me out. Looking at things from a biological standpoint, humans are all humans. Race is an arbitrary construct designed to separate people. In reality there is no such thing as we are all members of the human race. However, I digress. I’m not talking about human racism. I’m talking about dogs. Lets try something. Look at the dogs below and tell me which one is dangerous.

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I Love Google. I Hate Google.

Turns out Google has been evil the whole time and we just didn’t notice until now.

Oh Google, you’re like that toxic friend who accidentally breaks your stuff on a regular basis, but lets you use his cabin down by the lake.  Except now, you randomly take appliances out of the cabin or shut off the electricity.  Not to mention that one box where we’re supposed to put our coats that we can never get them back out of.  What’s up with that?

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